Smart Home Wireless Socket for controlling lights, sirens etc.

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  • Radio-controlled sockets additionally have a Smarthome control, which can be operated via the supplied remote control
  • Control of the Smarthome remote control socket via central and worldwide Internet
  • Individual control of the Smarthome remote control socket according to schedule, sensors and alarm
  • Connection of all electrical appliances up to max. 1000 watts
  • Range of the radio remote control approx. 15 m in the building
  • Wireless range of the Smarthome power outlet approx. 50 m in the building and unlimited via the Internet
  • No wireless connection required, the control panel can also work with UMTS / LTE and sends the switching signal without DSL router directly to the Smarthome remote control socket, thus the use of any place such as holiday houses, warehouses, campers, boats, etc. m & ouml ; possible

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This remote switching system is characterized by a variety of applications. Unlike other Smarthome pull-out boxes, you can connect the set via the Internet, to the control panel and radio remote control. A unique feature is the function of the Smarthome remote control socket without intermediate router, gateway, hub. Even a DSL connection is not mandatory. This is made possible by the patented Bluetosec wireless technology, in which the switching signals are sent directly from the control center to the Smarthome switches, without the detour of DSL and external servers.

The range of the radio signals from the control center to the smart home switch is approximately 50 m in the building and can be extended as desired by repeaters. This eliminates the stress that otherwise occurs with too short a range of Smarthome sockets.

The Smarthome switch can be used to control any electrical appliance, such as exterior lights, light in the home, TV sets, sirens, alarm speakers, heating, etc.

The circuit can be programmed as required in the control panel, you can freely decide when the switch should be switched on and off, according to schedule, by triggering sensors, in case of pre- or main alarm, also combinations of different settings are possible ; possible. The settings are possible according to the "IFTTT" principle (if this happens, this should be activated.

Here is an example:

They use an outdoor sensor that monitors their land. At the house a (speech) siren is mounted. You set in the control panel that the Smarthome switch to which the outdoor siren is connected should initiate the siren for 5 seconds between 19 o'clock and 7 o'clock when the outdoor sensor is triggered. to drive away unauthorized persons from the land.

In the event of a pre-alarm (a burglar attempts to pry open a window), the siren should start for 15 seconds, and a second smart home switch will turn on the light in the house and an alarm speaker with a wailing dog bark.

These levels of escalation can be increased as desired to reliably relieve burglars of late

In addition, you can switch on and off the siren and the light whenever you need it via your smartphone or tablet.

Each Smarthome remote switch can be switched directly by 3 different sensors, plus radio signals from the control center and the Internet. Multiple settings (sensors, schedule, event, internet) are possible.

Repeater function

The Smarthome receiver has a full Bluetosec repeater. This extends the range of all transmitters and sensors with Bluetosec wireless technology.

Set of 3 radio-controlled sockets

The supplied radio remote control makes it possible to easily switch electrical appliances off the sofa. You can switch each switch separately or in addition you can connect 2 or 3 switches to form one package. On the other hand, the remote control offers 4 knobs and an intelligent control so that it is possible to switch 1 or 2 or all 3 switches at the same time with a button as needed. This control can be changed at will at any time.

The 3er Radio socket set with 1 x Smarthome remote control socket offers you completely new possibilities to switch any electrical equipment by radio, over Internet and by means of intelligent Smarthome control in the center.


1 x Radio switch socket switching capacity per 1000W 230V AC, 4.35A
1 x Smarthome receiver with 2465 MHz Bluetosec wireless technology

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