Smart Home Security

AlarmTab® - The Excellent Alarm System

AlarmTab® is the first completely digital security system with the best price / performance ratio on the market - and AlarmTab® has already become awarded several times. Can you better protect your belongings? Hardly, and that's exactly why we introduce you to AlarmTab®. Get a picture of the powerful digital security system with the best value for money. Then you can decide if you want the AlarmTab® Starter-Set, Standard-Set or Premium-Set to buy. Of course, directly in our online shop for excellent safety technology. Do you still have questions about AlarmTab®? Call us or write us. Our team of experts will answer all your questions

The first digital alarm system with the 5-stage protection concept

If you want to protect your belongings, you also want to play it safe. This is exactly what the 5-stage protection concept of the AlarmTab® digital alarm system offers you. The Presence Simulation creates the glow of a TV set, pretending that people are in the house. The outdoor sensors start an outdoor ensemble and indicate to the guests that they have already been detected. AlarmTab® is able to use and control sensors. This allows you to turn on any electrical device with a Smart Home switch . The digital alarm system can detect burglary attempts . Even if you forget to turn on the system, it will automatically sound an alarm. AlarmTab® offers you windows and doors with bars that are effective against burglary. Patented : without any visible drill holes.

  • Presence Simulation
  • Annunciation alarm with outside ensirs
  • Control of electrical appliances via smart home switches
  • Sounds alert through the intelligent controller even if AlarmTab® has not been turned on
  • Optional mechanical securing of doors and windows

Further functions of AlarmTab®, the digital alarm system

You can set up a total of 99 radio zones and secure as many zones as you like. The partial and monitoring areas must be set up individually. It already includes a GSM dialer, video alarm verification and internet connection via UMTS or LTE. You can switch the control panel with various facilities, such as password, radio remote control, radio lock or RFID chip key. Outside of your area, AlarmTab® can be operated via a web server, an app, telephone, SMS and the event log. The communication of the alerting is also freely selectable and to be combined with each other. It is possible to connect to an emergency call center , call, SMS, e-mail and push notification.

Other functions include u.a. Tracking via GPS in the event of theft of the central office, integration of any number of WLAN cameras as well as the movement profile Live on the floor plan. Convince yourself and let us advise you personally. AlarmTab® will also be your number one alarm system.